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Keeping A Productive Compost

Compost is a natural way to improve your soil, and strong soil produces healthy plants. But how do you maximise your compost and keep your worms healthy?

What NOT to put in your compost:

  • Citrus and onions are very bad for worms and will slow down composting development.

  • Eucalyptus leaves that still contain their strong smell.

  • Extreme amounts of dairy or meat.

  • Coloured magazines and other prints, the ink can often be toxic.

What you CAN put in your compost:

  • Twigs and branches are great, and help to separate the compost

  • Coffee and tea bags

  • Wet and torn up cardboard is fantastic for compost

  • Crushed eggshells and some vegetable and fruit seeds.

Water & Air

Keeping your compost watered and aerated is very important. Wet cardboard can help to keep your compost moist, but it is key to remember not to saturate your pile. Turning your pile will help to aerate the compost and mix it’s ingredients, this should be done between 2 and 3 times a week.

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