Things you probably didn't know you could compost

Ever wonder what you can and can't compost? Well the wagga team have created a a little list of some unusual things you probably didn't know you could compost!

They are:

Natural fibre clothes

Latex products

White glue

Masking tape

Wine corks

Unwaxed pizza boxes

100 % Cotton swabs and balls

Old pet food

Fur and hair

Used matches

Peanut shells

Tea bags

Any bamboo product

Paperback books (remove the lining first)

Cooked rice/paper

Old loofahs

Dryer lint

Old rope and twine

Dead plants

Latex balloons (make sure they are 100% latex!)

Leather items

Pine cones

The team here at Wagga Nursery will continue to update this list so don't forget to check back if you're ever in doubt!

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