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Incorporating Plants into your Christmas

Love plants and nature? Want to incorporate them into your Christmas? The team at Wagga have spent some time thinking up ways to help you create a magical green Christmas for you and your family.

Gift wrapping:

Simple but sweet, placing some greenery on your gifts is a minimal way to include your garden in your Christmas. Attaching greenery under decorative ribbon or taping it down beside a bow are just 2 of the many ways to spruce up your gift wrapping.


So what about what’s under the wrapping? Here are some green gifts you can give to your gardener friends:

  • Easy to keep indoor plants

  • Seed packets

  • Gardening tools

  • Garden ornaments

  • Shade providers

  • Outdoor settings

Home decor:

Decorating your home for Christmas can really help to bring that festive cheer into your home, and not to mention can be a fun family activity! Garlands, baubles with greenery inside the, and even Christmas themes pots for plants can all be a great way to Christmas up your decor. Plus they can all be a fun DIY if that’s your thing!

However you celebrate, the team here at Wagga Nursery wishes you a safe and happy holidays!

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